The Indiscretion tapestry – left


The Indiscretion tapestry – left is woven in three sizes: 55″x36″ US$535, 78″x51″ US$985, 106″x71″ US$1,585. Please see tapestry description below.

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Tapestry Description

The Indiscretion tapestry – left

Fragonard tapestries

The Indiscretion tapestry – left side, “L’Indiscretion”, by Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732-1806) has charm and wit. It is the left half of the full Indiscretion tapestry and has a matching right side. There is also the full Swing tapestry.

Our Fragonard tapestries are woven in France in an fine weave of 95% cotton in a delicate relief stitch, their “Gobelins” weave. This is described by the weavers as: “Our oldest tapestries are made in this stitch, which was crafted by our craftsmen at the time when our workshops were founded in the second part of the 19th century.”.

They are all lined, with a rod pocket for easy hanging. Note: the largest two sizes are non-returnable.