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Ancient art tapestries - cave paintings as Belgian tapestry art

Ancient Art Tapestries

Cave paintings as ancient art tapestries? This was an unusual conversation topic for me this morning with my naturopathic doctor. I was having some acupuncture treatment and we talked about the depiction of cave paintings in tapestry art as she slowly turned me into a pin cushion. We were enjoying a conversation about travels in […]

Gustav Klimt tapestries - The Kiss tapestry wall-hanging

Gustav Klimt tapestries

Gustav Klimt tapestries designs are the most noticeable new trend in tapestry weaving. Several French, Belgian and Italian weavers have produced some gorgeous designs. We will be exhibiting our European tapestries at a trade show in early March and one wall of the booth will consist solely of Klimt tapestries. Of course, these were originally […]

Contemporary tapestry wallhangings - fine art, floral, landscapes

Contemporary tapestry wallhangings

Contemporary tapestry wallhangings are very much in vogue today. When we started selling tapestries over 20 years ago the selection was definitely historical in choice: medieval, Louis XIV, William Morris and the like. However it was inevitable that this would change regardless of decor fashion. If you think about it, there are only a limited […]

Saint Nicolas de Bari - Santa Claus wall tapestry

Santa Claus wall tapestry

Santa Claus is coming, Christmas too. It’s December already and we are late posting about this great, seasonal Santa Claus wall tapestry. Santa (Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas – take your pick) really is magnificent, jolly and giving his job 100%. The Belgian weaver has added some golden-coloured thread for extra sparkle (but without being at […]

My favourite tapestry - medieval or William Morris tapestries

My favourite tapestry

Our tastes in home decor unquestionably change over the years. (When I remember my youthful orange phase this is surely a good thing.)  So my tastes in tapestry art have developed too. We started selling tapestries in 1994 at a time when medieval and William Morris tapestries dominated the market. Now, the available range has increased […]