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Cave paintings as ancient art tapestries? This was an unusual conversation topic for me this morning with my naturopathic doctor.

Lascaux cave paintings - ancient art tapestriesI was having some acupuncture treatment and we talked about the depiction of cave paintings in tapestry art as she slowly turned me into a pin cushion. We were enjoying a conversation about travels in France, a wonderful topic, which side-tracked via Loire Valley chateaux to the delightful Dordogne Valley. Here was found in 1940 stunning cave paintings at Lascaux: see Although you can only view replicas in a recreated cave system I had been privileged to see the real thing at nearby Font de Gaume (you have to book in advance). Seeing the cave paintings in real life was somewhat magical, almost surreal, as my mind tried to grasp their history and the lifestyles of their creators.

A few years later one of our supplying weavers, in Belgium, produced several wall tapestries of these cave paintings: ancient art tapestries. What is really surprising about these ancient images is that they can be so effective in a contemporary setting (see photo above) in spite of thousands of years difference in time. In fact, tapestry weaving is itself an ancient craft. In the History of Tapestries article on our website we mention their role in the cultures of the Incas, the ancient Egyptians and the classical Greeks. A tapestry loom is even depicted inside one of the pyramids. So perhaps you should think old when thinking new for your home decor!