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When we began selling tapestries over 20 years ago the European weavers wove very few contemporary tapestries; the market was dominated by traditional designs. Today there is a much better balance of traditional and modern wall-hangings. So, in our blog, we’ll look at tapestry art by Simon Bull, Bob Pejman and others as well as viewing 20th century designs which have carried well into our age.

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Bob Pejman art tapestries - memories or dreams - Belgian tapestry

Bob Pejman art tapestries – memories or dreams

Our Bob Pejman art tapestries collection comprises many romantic landscapes tapestry designs: idyllic old-world scenes in settings like Lake Como, Venice, Capri, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. We are pleased to feature these in the Landscapes section of our Contemporary tapestries. These are favourite places in the world for many of us, or are planned […]

The most popular tapestries - selecting a tapestry wall-hanging

The most popular tapestries

What are the most popular tapestries? Would a list help to guide you about which will most suit your home setting? Should this be an objective list chosen from our QuickBooks reports or a subjective list decided by degrees of customer liking? Our tapestry website does have a category of best selling tapestries so this […]

Simon Bull art tapestries - Belgian tapestry wallhangings

Simon Bull art tapestries

Belgian tapestry wallhangings Simon Bull art tapestries now form a valued part of our website collection of floral tapestries. We were hesitant at first about introducing these contemporary floral designs until we received our first order for one, saw it and immediately appreciated it: Because of You tapestry (above) is typical of his artwork, with […]

Contemporary tapestry wallhangings - fine art, floral, landscapes

Contemporary tapestry wallhangings

Contemporary tapestry wallhangings are very much in vogue today. When we started selling tapestries over 20 years ago the selection was definitely historical in choice: medieval, Louis XIV, William Morris and the like. However it was inevitable that this would change regardless of decor fashion. If you think about it, there are only a limited […]

Gustav Klimt tapestries - The Kiss tapestry wall-hanging

Gustav Klimt tapestries

Gustav Klimt tapestries designs are the most noticeable new trend in tapestry weaving. Several French, Belgian and Italian weavers have produced some gorgeous designs. We will be exhibiting our European tapestries at a trade show in early March and one wall of the booth will consist solely of Klimt tapestries. Of course, these were originally […]

Wonderful new floral tapestries - Simon Bull tapestry art designs

Wonderful new floral tapestries

We have just added a series of wonderful new floral tapestries to our website collection. All are from the vibrant palette of British artist Simon Bull, inspired by his years in China and in the South American rainforest. Above is Morning Song and Desiree. Below is Lydia: The richness of his watercolours is accentuated by […]