Display Gallery

Our wall tapestries display gallery presents a wide variety of ­home decor display ideas. Enjoy these tapestries shown in room settings from the homes of our customers since 1994, both traditional and contemporary tapestry art. View the full selection of tapestries.

We hope this gallery will inspire you with ideas to make your home more beautiful. To view a larger image, see further details and place an order, please click on each photo below.

You may also enjoy a short YouTube video of our tapestry collections here.

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Firstly, medieval tapestries. These include the wonderful Lady with the Unicorn tapestries at the Cluny Museum in Paris and scenes from the Bayeux Tapestry. There are Grapes Harvest and Knights and Castles tapestries too, as well as unicorns.

The Bayeux Tapestry - medieval wall-hanging tapestries Medieval tapestry wall-hanging in a library The Lady with the Unicorn medieval tapestries

Arts and Crafts tapestries by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones are influenced by the medieval age but with greater artistic representation and with timeless appeal.

The Woodpecker tapestry - William Morris wall tapestries  William Morris Tree of Life tapestry  Acanthus wall tapestry - Arts and Crafts tapestries

About 20 years ago one of the weavers told us they were not producing Art Nouveau tapestries because there was little interest in them. How wrong they were! The popularity of Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha designs prove this.

Gustav Klimt Tree of Life tapestry - wall tapestries display gallery  The Kiss - Gustav Klimt tapestry wall-hanging Alphonse Mucha tapestries in a bathroom

The diverse range of our fine art tapestries grace many walls of our customers’ homes. Impressionist art includes Monet tapestries. Van Gogh too. Old Masters includes de Vinci and Vermeer masterpieces and a page of religious wall-hangings. There’s also a selection of 19th and 20th century art.

Monet's Garden - fine art tapestry Turner Fighting Temeraire tapestry in a board room

For sheer elegance in the home our 17th and 18th century French tapestries and chateaux scenes are hard to beat. 18th century Lake Como tapestries likewise.

French tapestry - home decor in bedroom  Elegant French tapestry - beautiful home decor  Elegant French tapestry above a fireplace

In contrast, smart contemporary tapestries bring strong dramatic art to home decor: floral, landscapes or fine art.

Contemporary floral tapestries for modern home decor Bob Pejman art tapestry wall-hangings  French street tapestry scene - wall tapestries gallery

The floral collection ranges from traditional still-lifes and bouquets to botanicals with a modern twist. Views of gardens are so pleasing.

Bouquet Flamand tapestry above a fireplace  Monet's Garden Belgian tapestry in home decor Botanical tapestry in a dining room

Peaceful landscapes range from 18th century Francois Boucher art to modern town scenes. Also, restful verdures (forests and woodlands).

Francois Boucher tapestry - wall tapestries display gallery The Story of the Emperor of China tapestry hanging on a staircase Flamingos at the River Lignon - French landscape tapestry

Finally in our wall tapestries display gallery are miscellaneous wallhangings including animals and birds, music and dance, oriental wall art, and also maps and nautical tapestries which look so smart. Also Christmas and winter tapestries.

 The Elephant tapestry in a living room setting World Map tapestry - Orbis Terrae wall hanging Framing a tapestry an example of a wall hanging

Alternative ideas to use tapestries in the home include framing and chair upholstery:

Framing tapestries - a floral still life tapestry Tapestry upholstery on a chair

We hope these inspire you with ideas how to make your home decor more beautiful!