Simon Bull art tapestries - Belgian tapestry wallhangings

Simon Bull art tapestries

Belgian tapestry wallhangings

Simon Bull art tapestries now form a valued part of our website collection of floral tapestries. We were hesitant at first about introducing these contemporary floral designs until we received our first order for one, saw it and immediately appreciated it: Because of You tapestry - Simon Bull art tapestriesBecause of You tapestry (above) is typical of his artwork, with its bold use of vibrant colours. I have not seen any of his watercolours but am convinced that his art transfers superbly to the tapestry medium. The weavers of these Belgian tapestry wallhangings have used a variety of thick yarns which are woven tightly with the result that there is rich fullness yet good detailing; an excellent combination. Desiree wallhanging - Simon Bull tapestrySimon Bull’s background helps to explain the vibrancy of these tapestries. When quite young he lived on the edge of the South American rainforest with all its colours and mystery. Later years in Hong Kong influenced his energetic compositions countered by the fine Chinese brushwork around him. The Simon Bull art website gives a fuller biography, “He was moving away from painting the outward things, his canvases began to be expressions of the inner world, the world of the heart and of the spirit where the real life of mankind is felt and lived.”. Lydia wall tapestry - Simon Bull art tapestriesThe Contemporary Floral Tapestries section of our website presents all the Simon Bull art tapestries and many others – 50 striking botanical tapestry wallhangings for homes old or new.



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