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The Iris tapestry is woven in one size: 69″x27″ . See tapestry description below.

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Tapestry Description

Iris tapestry

Jagaloon wallhangings tapestries

The Iris tapestry shows a detail from the Wawel wall tapestries, also called the Jagaloon Tapestries, which are in the royal castle at Wawel, Krakow, Poland. There were originally 360 tapestries in this remarkable series of which 136 remain today. They were commissioned by the King of Poland and woven in Flanders in about 1560. This tall, slim verdure tapestry shows irises in a pond with woodland behind, set within an elegant border.

These wallhangings are ideal as matching pairs or as a tryptych of wall tapestries. The Iris tapestry pairs perfectly with the Woody, Underwood, and Wooden Hills designs in our Verdures category. Today these Jagaloon wallhangings tapestries are woven in Belgium in 79% cotton, 8% polyester, 6% wool and 6% acrylic. They are lined, with a rod pocket for easy hanging. We supply instructions about how to hang a tapestry with each order.

Here it hangs in Denver, Colorado, along with the Woody tapestry – two of the Jagaloon wallhanging tapestries:

Jagaloon wallhangings tapestries