Rococo Waterfall tapestry

$245.00 $215.00

The Rococo Waterfall tapestry measures 53″x38″ and is reduced from US$245 to US$215. See tapestry description below.

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Tapestry Description

Noble Pastorale wall tapestries

The Rococo Waterfall tapestry is a portion of the Noble Pastorale series of tapestries designed by Francois Boucher (1703-70), the court painter to Louis XV. His original tapestries with their romantic idyllic settings were originally 12’ high and up to 19’ long, woven in Beauvais where Boucher was the Director of the royal tapestry weaving workshops.

This, like most of our Francois Boucher tapestries, is now woven in Italy in 75% cotton and 25% viscose. These Noble Pastorale wall tapestries are fully lined with a rod pocket. This one is on sale, reduced from US$245 to US$215.