The Quest Unicorn tapestry


The Quest – Unicorn tapestry is woven in two sizes: 37″x29″ and 51″x41″. See tapestry description below.

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Tapestry Description

The Quest Unicorn tapestry – DISC  by rights owner

Holy Grail wall tapestries

The Quest Unicorn tapestry is half of the Quest for the Holy Grail tapestry in the Quest for the Holy Grail tapestries series. These were designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, with work by William Morris and then adapted by John Henry Dearle. Woven by Morris & Co, it is now at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The search by the 24 knights is idealised by the lion (courage) and the unicorn (purity).

The excellent French weave of 77% wool and 20% cotton has a lining, with a rod pocket. We supply instructions to hang a tapestry with your order. The Lion and the full Quest tapestry (which shows a better quality image) are also available as separate Holy Grail wall tapestries. Please note that the larger size is non-returnable.