The Royal Palace tapestry


The Royal Palace tapestry is woven in five sizes: 34″x44″ US$290, 43″x59″ US$490, 59″x59″ US$655 – Also 59″x79″ US$860 and 59″x110″ US$1,225 – these 2 larger sizes are non-returnable. See tapestry description below.

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Tapestry Description

The Royal Palace tapestry

Chateau of Chambord tapestries

The Royal Palace tapestry is from the ‘Royal Residences’ series designed by Charles le Brun in about 1670 and woven at the Royal Gobelins workshops in Paris for Louis XIV. This series, Les Tentures des Maisons Royales tapestries, illustrated twelve Louis XIV chateaux, also corresponding with a month and an entertainment associated with the royal court. The Royal Palace tapestry, also known as the Verdure au Chateau tapestry, is one of the Chateau of Chambord tapestries, representing September.

The most popular of our chateaux tapestries, this is now finely woven in France in a high quality weave of 50% wool and 50% cotton. The tapestry is lined, with a rod pocket for easy hanging. With every order we supply instructions about hanging tapestries, and about their care.

The 59″x59″ square tapestry is without the pillars. The long tapestry measuring 59″x110″ size has a further pillar on either side – (this size is non-returnable.)

Here is the 59″x78″ size (this size is non-returnable) of this tapestry hanging in the home of a customer in Sweden:

Chateau of Chambord tapestries - Verdure au Chateau tapestry

Below is the 43″x59″ size of our most popular of Chateau of Chambord tapestries:

Royal Palace - Chateau of Chambord tapestries