Verdure Meudon tapestry


The Verdure Meudon tapestry is woven in one size: 78″x45″ Please note that this tapestry is non-returnable. See tapestry description below.

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Tapestry Description

Verdure Meudon tapestry

Beauvais wall tapestries – Verdure Chantilly

The Verdure Meudon tapestry is the right side of the Verdure Chantilly tapestry which is inspired by early 18th century Beauvais wall tapestries. Note the medallion at the top centre and the rich border, a cornucopia of fruits. As well as the full Verdure Chantilly tapestry we have available the left side, the Verdure Hautil tapestry, thus providing a superb matching pair of two vertical tapestries. All have this sumptuous border.

The Verdure Meudon tapestry is woven in France today by Jules Pansu, in a high quality 94% cotton weave. It is lined, with a rod pocket for easy hanging – we enclose information about hanging tapestries with your order. Please note that this wall tapestry is non-returnable as it is special ordered.