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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more compete for our time and interests. Do we need another social media site? Why use Pinterest? Many people clearly think so, judging by the rapid growth of Pinterest. I had never been able to raise a spark of excitement for social media until now but I do rather enjoy Pinterest

What is Pinterest? What is different about it? What is compelling about it?

Pinterest can be seen as a development of Google Images. Images are everything here with users taking their own photos, videos too, and those they encounter on the web which they place on their own online bulletin boards. These themed boards of their choice have added (pinned) images of interest. Viewers can “follow” the creators and “like” their images, even placing (repinning) them on their own boards.

Thus Pinterest users can express their interests and dreams, sharing something of themselves with the world. So far I have never seen anything undesirable or stupid, users seem to enjoy saying “This is what I like or hope for.”

Pinterest for business

Below is a screenshot of some of our Pinterest boards for Tapestry Art. Within each I placed themed images of our tapestries. People can view these, go to our site, add them to their own boards, or just enjoy them.

Why use Pinterest? - Pinterest for business and pleasure

Pinterest for pleasure

In time I will probably set up my own personal, non-business Pinterest page. I’ll probably have boards with topics like travel, architecture, art, gardens, design. It will express “me“. Even if no one else finds this interesting I will find it a fascinating exercise sourcing images which say something about who I am, what I like and respect and what I hope for. It’ll be fun. Is it any wonder Pinterest is meeting with such enthusiasm?