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Baroque Bouquet tapestry

SKU: FL132


The Baroque Bouquet tapestry is a prime example of the Baroque period between 1570 and 1720 in European Courts. The European courts invested heavily in tapestries made from precious fibers.  They were designed by the leading artists of the day and woven by various weavers in Europe.

This scene is set within XVII century arches which is framing a grand bouquet, making it one of the few architectural wall tapestries.

Today, our stunning tapestry is woven in France and we offer it in two sizes: 43″x34″ and 59″x43″  This tapestry is also available in a horizonal style: Baroque Bouquet tapestry – horizontal French wall tapestries (

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Baroque Bouquet tapestry

Architectural wall tapestries

This Baroque Bouquet tapestry features 17th century baroque arches which frame a grand bouquet – one of few architectural wall tapestries.  The Baroque Bouquet tapestry represents the intersection of art, architecture and craftmanship during a vibrant period in European history.

This fine French tapestry is woven in a fine 50%wool and 50% cotton weave – the wool provides fullness while the cotton ensures fine detailing.  It is lined, with a rod pocket for easy hanging. With every order we supply instructions about hanging tapestries, and about their care.

Architectural wall tapestries - XVII baroque tapestry


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Weight1 g
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm