Please click on these frequently asked questions about tapestries and for information about our tapestry hangings and services.

Where are the tapestries made?

All are woven in France, Belgium or Italy, by long-established weavers. Most are reproductions of originals in museums and private collections throughout the world. Most of these tapestries were originally from France or Belgium but some came from weavers in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, England, Russia or Czechoslovakia.

What materials are used?

As a general rule, smaller and medium tapestries are composed mostly of cotton, with some viscose to add sheen. Wool/cotton blends give greater depth, fullness and richness to the larger tapestries. Weavers occasionally use finer or thicker yarns to give pieces greater delicacy or depth.

Are they made by hand or machine?

Today very few are woven by hand and they are naturally very expensive. All our tapestries are woven on machine looms based on the Jacquard loom first used in Flanders in 1804.

How do I hang my tapestry and care for it?

With every order we include instructions for the different ways of hanging tapestries. This is surprisingly easy. The only care it needs is to remove any dust periodically – use a soft brush or the drape attachment of your vacuum cleaner. In the unlikely event that soiling occurs, the hanging may be dry cleaned with care.

How accurate are the colours on the website?

We illustrate colours as accurately as possible but different computer monitors show colours differently. We can advise on specific colour issues.

What should I consider when selecting a tapestry?

Shape: vertical as well as horizontal designs are available.
Size: proportion is important so allow for surrounding wall space. Note that sizes can vary +/- 5% since these are woven products. We show dimensions by height x width. None of the weavers produce custom sizes; tapestries are available only in the sizes shown on the website.
Colour: you will probably want to ‘tie-in’ the tapestry into the existing décor. You can accentuate this by hanging cords with tassels on either side – this also adds more drama. See our How to Hang a Tapestry page.
Style: our range is enormously wide, including medieval, renaissance, rustic, elegant, arts and crafts, and impressionist scenes. Enjoy browsing through the Display Ideas gallery.

Can I order online by credit card with peace of mind?

Yes, our secure server encrypts all the information into unreadable code online for total confidentiality. This is as safe online banking. Full details about ordering options are on the Ordering and Shipping page.

Alternatively you can safely email credit card information. We will need the 16 numbers, the expiry date, your name as it appears on the card, and the three number CSV by the signature panel. We suggest, for security, that you send the first 8 numbers, your name and the CSV numbers on one email, and then the last 8 numbers and the expiry date on a second email. We will confirm receipt of these and will later confirm the tapestry shipping. Unlike other companies, we make no charge on your credit card before the day of shipping.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa,  Mastercard or American Express and orders are not charged until the day we ship to you. We also accept payment by bank draft, wire transfer, certified cheque, or (Canada only) Interac email money transfer. For non-returnable orders we also accept payment by certified cheque, bank draft, wire transfer, or (Canada only) Interac email money transfer. We will send you an invoice and explain these simple processes if you are unfamiliar with them. (Your shopping cart will still ask for credit card details so please supply them in order to complete the order process.) Payments will appear on your statement as being made to “CLASSIC HOME TAPESTRIES INC”.

What currency applies?

Prices are shown in US dollars but since we and our bank are in Canada we have to make the charge in CAN dollars. This will appear on your credit card statement as CAN$ x exchange rate = US$ price (or whatever currency you use), calculated by a currency converter. Since exchange rates fluctuate constantly the US$ charge may be marginally more or less than the advertised price.

Do you charge sales tax?

Since our company is based in Quebec, Canada we do not collect any sales tax outside Canada. GST is charged on deliveries to Canada and HST is charged on deliveries to Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador. Please see Ordering & Shipping under the “payment” section for further details.

How do you deliver? What are the shipping costs?

See the Ordering and Shipping page for full information. Orders are generally shipped within a few days (often on the same day) to allow time for the finishing work. We will advise you if there will be any delay.

We have two shipping options, standard (ground/surface) and express.

Shipping to USA and Canada

* Standard
Free shipping

* Express

  • up to $150 express shipping cost is $25
  • $151 – $350 express shipping cost is $30
  • $351 – $650 express shipping cost is $35
  • $651 – $1,000 express shipping cost is $45
  • $1,001 – $1,500 express shipping cost is $55
  • $1,501 – $2,500 express shipping cost is $75
  • Over $2,500 express shipping cost is $95

Shipping to the rest of the world

* Standard

  • up to $150 standard shipping cost is $30
  • $151 – $650 standard shipping cost is $45
  • $651 – $1,500 standard shipping cost is $60
  • Over $1,501 standard shipping cost is $85

* Express
Please ask us for a quote since the cost varies according to the weight and value of your tapestry order as well as your location.
Insurance is included. However mail service is uninsurable to some countries, mostly African or Asian, so these require a more expensive courier service – we will advise you if this is applicable.

Delivery times

Approximate delivery times are below. The times below reflect the shipping times from the date we send an item, not the date of your order. We will keep you informed and provide tracking information when applicable.
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Please email us if further clarification would be helpful.

Will I receive confirmation of my order?

You will receive email confirmation after you place your order. This will also indicate the estimated shipping date. Your order will include helpful information about the hanging and care of your tapestry.

May I return the tapestry?

Our money-back guarantee: if the tapestry is not suitable you may return it within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund, excluding outward shipping, unless it is a special order which we have advised to be non-returnable. It must be odour-free. Email us for a returns authorization number – this number must be placed on the outside of the package and it is imperative that you also write clearly on the package and boldly on the documentation “Goods returned to original supplier”. On the documentation describe the goods as “wallcovering” NOT as “tapestry”. We charge no restocking or return fee but you are responsible for all return costs. Returns must be made by regular surface mail service only, not by Express service, UPS or another courier. Please attach an envelope with the words “Original invoice enclosed” – containing a copy of the invoice. We will email the returns shipping address to you.
Borders are non-returnable since they are custom cut lengths.

Supposing I find a better price elsewhere?

If the same item has a lower regular price elsewhere we will match that verified price – send us the link to that tapestry.

What is your privacy policy?

We fully respect your privacy and pledge never to disclose any information about you to any third party, unless legally required.