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Medieval tapestries are the key category in our wide range of European tapestry wall-hangings. This is a surprise to some but French tapestries in the medieval period formed the birthplace of this art and many have proved their timelessness. If in doubt, visit the Musée national du Moyen Âge in Paris, the Cluny Museum, whose treasures include many medieval tapestry masterpieces including The Lady with the Unicorn series.

In our tapestry blog we discuss these, from the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry to early 16th century tapestries.

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The most popular tapestries - selecting a tapestry wall-hanging

The most popular tapestries

What are the most popular tapestries? Would a list help to guide you about which will most suit your home setting? Should this be an objective list chosen from our QuickBooks reports or a subjective list decided by degrees of customer liking? Our tapestry website does have a category of best selling tapestries so this […]

The Bayeux Tapestry - early medieval art reproductions

The Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry must be considered to be one of the most significant pieces of early medieval art. My wife and I were in Normandy several years ago and it seems strange on reflection that we decided not to view this masterpiece. We had visited many chateaux and museums so we probably felt “over-full” of […]

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries - creation, history, imagery

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries exhibit in the Cluny Museum is one of two places I know in Paris which bring a sense of awe to all its visitors. The other is Sainte Chapelle, the 13th century Gothic chapel with its soaring stained glass windows. Both inspire silent admiration. Why are these are the […]

The Apocalyse Tapestry - Chateau d'Angers tapestries available

The Apocalyse Tapestry

The Apocalyse Tapestry in Angers is one of those historical masterpieces which takes your breath away and then transports you into another world. At the Chateau d’Angers, a controlled climate in the display hall results in fortuitous stage management once you pass through the sets of doors: involuntarily you go “Aah!”. The only other place where […]