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We enclose information with every order about tapestry display, giving suggestion about different ways about how to hang tapestries in the home. For inspiration and display ideas, we suggest a browse through our wall tapestries display gallery where a wide range of wall-hangings are shown in different room settings from our customers.

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Monets Garden tapestry - horizontal, woven in Belgium

Monet’s Garden tapestry and the Cat

The Monet’s Garden tapestry shown here is one of our most popular tapestries, having numerous different interpretations (horizontal, vertical and square) of Claude Monet’s delightful lake garden and its iconic bridge at Giverny in Normandy. Monet lived there for over 40 years and today we can visit his house, flower garden and lake. We enjoyed […]

How to hang a tapestry wall-hanging - care of wall tapestries

How to hang a tapestry wall-hanging

We occasionally receive questions about how to hang a tapestry wall-hanging so we enclose information about the care and hanging of tapestries with every order. You can see these practical tapestry care suggestions on our website. Here are our thoughts about how to hang a tapestry wall-hanging: There may be transit creases on your tapestry […]

Tapestry finishing

Tapestry finishing refers to the important task of making a woven tapestry into a wall-hanging. Our European weavers produce tapestries on their tapestry looms, these being the all-important design on the front which you admire. However, at this stage they have no backing: they are simply a raw piece of fabric with rough edges (the […]