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Our blog is the place for illustrated thoughts about tapestry art, from general discussions about tapestries and weaving today to some specific tapestry designs.

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New tapestries

Our newly re-built tapestry website does not have a section of new tapestries at present. We may add this feature later. However, as new designs are released by the tapestry weavers we place them in the appropriate categories – see the left menu running down the page.

A wall-hanging tapestries video - tapestry art available today

A wall-hanging tapestries video

A favourite video?  Maybe not, but it’s our own tapestries video! We enjoyed compiling it so hope you enjoy viewing it too. In just over two minutes we have presented a good selection showing the many styles of tapestry art, old and new. There’s something for everyone: medieval and Arts & Crafts, landscapes and elegant […]

Why use Pinterest? - Pinterest for business and pleasure

Why use Pinterest?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more compete for our time and interests. Do we need another social media site? Why use Pinterest? Many people clearly think so, judging by the rapid growth of Pinterest. I had never been able to raise a spark of excitement for social media until now but I do rather […]

The most popular tapestries - selecting a tapestry wall-hanging

The most popular tapestries

What are the most popular tapestries? Would a list help to guide you about which will most suit your home setting? Should this be an objective list chosen from our QuickBooks reports or a subjective list decided by degrees of customer liking? Our tapestry website does have a category of best selling tapestries so this […]

Tapestry weaving in England - from James I to Morris & Co

Tapestry weaving in England

Tapestry weaving in England Tapestry weaving in England sounds initially odd since England is hardly synonymous with tapestry weaving … unless you consider William Morris. However, there is more to the story than meets the eye. During the medieval period, royalty and aristocracy valued tapestries so much that they would take them with them during […]

Large tapestries - matching pairs of tapestry wall-hangings

Large tapestries

We occasionally receive enquiries about large tapestries. Imagine the drama of a really grand tapestry on your wall! To make it easier to locate such pieces of large wall art we have created a separate section on our website simply called Larger Tapestries. This is sub-divided into two aspects for convenience: a) large tapestries which […]

Saint Nicolas de Bari - Santa Claus wall tapestry

Santa Claus wall tapestry

Santa Claus is coming, Christmas too. It’s December already and we are late posting about this great, seasonal Santa Claus wall tapestry. Santa (Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas – take your pick) really is magnificent, jolly and giving his job 100%. The Belgian weaver has added some golden-coloured thread for extra sparkle (but without being at […]

Ancient art tapestries - cave paintings as Belgian tapestry art

Ancient Art Tapestries

Cave paintings as ancient art tapestries? This was an unusual conversation topic for me this morning with my naturopathic doctor. I was having some acupuncture treatment and we talked about the depiction of cave paintings in tapestry art as she slowly turned me into a pin cushion. We were enjoying a conversation about travels in […]

My favourite tapestry - medieval or William Morris tapestries

My favourite tapestry

Our tastes in home decor unquestionably change over the years. (When I remember my youthful orange phase this is surely a good thing.)  So my tastes in tapestry art have developed too. We started selling tapestries in 1994 at a time when medieval and William Morris tapestries dominated the market. Now, the available range has increased […]