My favourite tapestry - medieval or William Morris tapestries

My favourite tapestry

Our tastes in home decor unquestionably change over the years. (When I remember my youthful orange phase this is surely a good thing.)  So my tastes in tapestry art have developed too. We started selling tapestries in 1994 at a time when medieval and William Morris tapestries dominated the market. Now, the available range has increased with so many more styles, both traditional and contemporary.

My wife and I have just placed our home on the market so are spending much time discussing the nature of our future home and its interior decor. We can decide on very little but know that my favourite tapestry or two will definitely be included. So what might these be? We might select one of the bright modern Simon Bull tapestries in the previous post since we love their colourful strengths but we still love many designs from the past. Our traditional tastes are more likely to lead us to a medieval tapestry like this The Promenade: Promenade tapestry - La tenture de la Vie Seigneuriale tapestries… or the most popular of the chateaux tapestries: The Royal Palace tapestry - chateaux tapestriesHowever, it really should be timeless to fit in a traditional home in a changing world and conform to our changing tastes. So … a William Morris tapestry it has to be. But which? My favourite tapestry (well, today anyway) is toss-up between The Birds (top image) or The Tree of Life. I think the latter wins:William Morris Tree of Life - my favourite tapestry


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