KIng Harold goes to Normandy tapestry

How to find a tapestry

See tapestries at a glance – this page offers three ways to find tapestries for sale for shipping worldwide.

  • Firstly, there’s the main menu to the left which lists all categories and sub-categories. Then click on an image or title for full information.
  • Below are all the principal categories. When you click on them many have several specific sub-categories so that you can focus on desired styles. Then click on the images or titles to view their designs.
  • Then there’s the Search box on the top left of this page. Enter a keyword, eg “unicorn”, which will produce an illustrated list of all designs which include the word unicorn in their description.

If you can not find particular tapestries for sale by these methods then do email your enquiry to us. We have hundreds and hundreds of designs available, many in stock for immediate shipping worldwide. All can be ordered through our securely encrypted shopping cart (as safe as online banking) when you can select payment options of Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Unlike other companies we do not charge credit cards until the day we ship. We keep you fully informed about the shipping of your tapestry.

Medieval tapestry wallhangings

Medieval tapestry wallhangings

Arts and Crafts tapestry wall-hangings - William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and other Arts & Crafts tapestries

Arts and Crafts tapestry wall-hangings

Art Nouveau tapestries - Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha tapestry art designs

Art Nouveau tapestries

Fine art wall tapestries

Fine art wall tapestries

Religious tapestries - The Last Supper, madonnas

Religious tapestries

Contemporary wall tapestries - fine art, floral and landscapes

Contemporary wall tapestries

Elegant tapestries - chateaux, 17th and 18th century, Lake Como

Elegant tapestries

Floral tapestry wallhangings - botanical, bouquets, still life tapestries, gardens

Floral tapestry wallhangings

Landscape tapestries - town scenes, Francois Boucher, verdures and hunting

Landscape tapestries

Miscellaneous tapestry designs - animals and birds, maps and nautical, music and dance, and oriental tapestries

Miscellaneous tapestry designs

Christmas and winter tapestries - holiday, Santa Claus

Christmas and winter tapestries

French table runners

French table runners

And … in many styles there are selections of large tapestry wall-hangings, matching pairs of tapestries and sale items, also tablecloths and throws.

Please note that these are not needlework kits, they are woven wall tapestries.