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Arts and Crafts

Since we are great admirers of Arts and Crafts tapestries it is natural that the Arts & Crafts Movement should feature prominently in our tapestry collection. The intricacies of William Morris designs and the flowing life of Edward Burne-Jones art are captured in these French and Belgian tapestry wall-hangings.

In our tapestry blog we will discuss matters of interest about Arts and Crafts wall tapestries, with illustrations.

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The most popular tapestries - selecting a tapestry wall-hanging

The most popular tapestries

What are the most popular tapestries? Would a list help to guide you about which will most suit your home setting? Should this be an objective list chosen from our QuickBooks reports or a subjective list decided by degrees of customer liking? Our tapestry website…

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William Morris tapestries - Woodpecker and Tree of Life tapestry

William Morris tapestries

William Morris tapestries are probably our favourite designs so it seems strange not to have written about them before. William Morris was remarkably diverse in his talents, greatly aiding the effective growth of the Arts and Crafts Movement and providing a rich inheritance for us today.…

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Quest for the Holy Grail tapestries - Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Quest for the Holy Grail tapestries

The Quest for the Holy Grail tapestries - in 1895-6 Sir Edward Burne-Jones designed a series of six panels with the overall name "The Arming and Departure of the Knights". It was commissioned for a baronial dining hall from Morris and Co. Fortunately for us,…

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