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Contemporary tapestry wallhangings - Bob Pejman tapestry landscapesContemporary tapestry wallhangings are very much in vogue today. When we started selling tapestries over 20 years ago the selection was definitely historical in choice: medieval, Louis XIV, William Morris and the like. However it was inevitable that this would change regardless of decor fashion.

If you think about it, there are only a limited number of old tapestries which are worthy of reproduction by today’s weavers. Although there are thousands of old tapestries many will command little commercial interest, others will be damaged or faded almost beyond recognition, and others very much part of their time and no other.

So, to continue introducing new designs for the marketplace, the weavers have had to look to recent or contemporary designs. Examples include Bob Pejman art (right) and Simon Bull watercolours (above). Then they decide if these will translate into the medium of tapestry wall-hangings. You will find the results in our three Contemporary wall tapestries sections: fine art, floral, and landscapes.

I will make one forecast for the distant future – the classics will remain, like the Lady with the Unicorn series and William Morris’s timeless Arts and Crafts designs. We’ll have to wait and see whether contemporary designs stand the test of time.