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Gustav Klimt tapestries - The Kiss wall tapestryGustav Klimt tapestries designs are the most noticeable new trend in tapestry weaving. Several French, Belgian and Italian weavers have produced some gorgeous designs.

We will be exhibiting our European tapestries at a trade show in early March and one wall of the booth will consist solely of Klimt tapestries. Of course, these were originally paintings of about a hundred years ago but they render so very well as wall tapestries. Like all our wall hangings they are lined on the back with an attached rod pocket for easy hanging. A feature of all Klimt designs is the attention to detail: there are so many little elements to each that you notice new ones every time you view them. Tapestries lend themselves to this since they are more three-dimensional and tactile than paintings; it’s a pleasure to touch and admire them.

The weavers have produced several different versions of The Kiss, his iconic 1907 Art Nouveau creation. To the right is a Belgian tapestry rendition which has a rich fullness to it, whereas others are lighter with finer detailing such as the one above. Like William Morris, Klimt explored the Tree of Life concept which appears in several of his tapestries today.

Do look at the Gustav Klimt tapestries section of our website showing these and other 19th and 20th century tapestries. We hold most in stock ready for immediate shipping to you.