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We occasionally receive enquiries about large tapestries. Imagine the drama of a really grand tapestry on your wall! To make it easier to locate such pieces of large wall art we have created a separate section on our website simply called Larger Tapestries. Large tapestries - Bouquet Flamand wall tapestry

This is sub-divided into two aspects for convenience: a) large tapestries which are either vertical or horizontal in format, and b) large tapestries in these themes: fine art, elegant, floral, medieval, landscapes, contemporary, arts & crafts, or miscellaneous.

The Monet’s Garden tapestry shown above dramatically filled a large triangular space that had looked very bare. Similarly, in the same room, this large slate fireplace needed all of the 78″ height of the Bouquet Flamand tapestry. There are only a limited number of really big wall tapestries due to the constraints of the weavers’ looms – the width of the loom will determine the maximum size of one dimension. So if a large space needs covering you may like to consider a second option, the use of matching pairs of wall tapestries. This can be extremely effective and versatile too since there is flexibility in the empty space between the tapestries. Take a look at the matching pairs of tapestries on our website where the same themes are sub-divided for ease of selection. Please email us if you want more precise information about available options for larger tapestries or for matching pairs or groups.

Matching tapestries - a pair of tapestry wall-hangings