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Bouquet Flamand grande tapestry

SKU: FL109


The Bouquet Flamand grande tapestry is woven in one size: 77″x58″. See tapestry description below.

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Bouquet Flamand grande tapestry

French wallhangings

The Bouquet Flamand grande tapestry is one of our finest French wallhangings, adapted from an 18th century Dutch oil painting. It is woven in a high quality 50% wool and 50% cotton weave and is fully lined and has a rod pocket for easy hanging – we provide tapestry hanging information with each order. The wool provides fullness and depth and the cotton gives the tapestry fine detailing. The rich border includes corner medallions with the cypher of Louis XIV. There are many floral bouquet tapestries but this is our favourite.

Additionally, we have a smaller version of this tapestry featuring the central bouquet and with a simpler border.

Here is this Flemish bouquet tapestry hanging above a slate fireplace. The tapestry is 6’6″ high, so it’s a very large fireplace!:

Very large floral tapestry - Bouquet Flamand grande tapestry

Below is a close-up detail of the Grand Bouquet Flamand tapestry:-

Detail of the Grand Bouquet Flamand tapestry


Additional information

Weight1 g
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm