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The Monet’s Garden tapestry shown here is one of our most popular tapestries, having numerous different interpretations (horizontal, vertical and square) of Claude Monet’s delightful lake garden and its iconic bridge at Giverny in Normandy. Monet lived there for over 40 years and today we can visit his house, flower garden and lake. We enjoyed a visit there off-season one September, well-timed since the hordes of buses were absent so that we could stand on the bridge alone. It is a delightful place.

The most popular Monet’s Garden tapestry is the horizontal one available in several sizes, woven in Belgium in a deep, somewhat three-dimensional weave. My wife and I hung it in our old house and, after re-decorating, set out to do so in our new home. Its location was clearly to be above an antique Victorian Gothic Revival table. Hanging it was straightforward (see notes on how to hang a tapestry), nicely centred over the table. All we had to do was to place some suitable decorative objects on the table and the setting would be complete.

But then the cat stepped in. Taylor, our old lady, had not been impressed with the re-positioning of furniture so she selected the nearest empty space.

Monet's Garden tapestry

The pose stated “I’m not budging; you’ve disrupted my life too much”.