Bob Pejman art tapestries - memories or dreams - Belgian tapestry

Bob Pejman art tapestries – memories or dreams

Our Bob Pejman art tapestries collection comprises many romantic landscapes tapestry designs: idyllic old-world scenes in settings like Lake Como, Venice, Capri, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.

Bob Pejman Mediterranean tapestries - Belgian tapestry hangingsWe are pleased to feature these in the Landscapes section of our Contemporary tapestries. These are favourite places in the world for many of us, or are planned future destinations. My wife and I are off to Provence this summer and look forward to the Mediterranean coast and delightful places inland even if we do not visit any Pejman settings. His paintings transfer to tapestry art beautifully, presenting our memories or dreams.

To the left is his Villa in Capri tapestry. Bob Pejman’s paintings have been described as romantic realism, influenced by artists like Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Maxfield Parrish. “The scenes are already romantic, but my ideas is to make them even more so.” He continues,  “There are no people in my paintings, so you can imagine yourself in the scenes”.

The richness of Pejman Editions is wonderfully set off by the fine quality weave in 91% cotton of these Belgian tapestry hangings. The yarn is quite thick but is tightly woven resulting in the tapestries having fullness and depth yet still possessing excellent detail. His paintings are so appealing in this softer, more three-dimensional art characteristics of tapestries. Bob Pejman art tapestries have proved to be one of the most popular styles of our full collection.



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