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New tapestries

Our newly re-built tapestry website does not have a section of new tapestries at present. We may add this feature later. However, as new designs are released by the tapestry weavers we place them in the appropriate categories – see the left menu running down the page.

Monets Garden tapestry - horizontal, woven in Belgium

Monet’s Garden tapestry and the Cat

The Monet’s Garden tapestry shown here is one of our most popular tapestries, having numerous different interpretations (horizontal, vertical and square) of Claude Monet’s delightful lake garden and its iconic bridge at Giverny in Normandy. Monet lived there for over 40 years and today we can visit his house, flower garden and lake. We enjoyed […]

Large tapestries - matching pairs of tapestry wall-hangings

Large tapestries

We occasionally receive enquiries about large tapestries. Imagine the drama of a really grand tapestry on your wall! To make it easier to locate such pieces of large wall art we have created a separate section on our website simply called Larger Tapestries. This is sub-divided into two aspects for convenience: a) large tapestries which […]

The Apocalyse Tapestry - Chateau d'Angers tapestries available

The Apocalyse Tapestry

The Apocalyse Tapestry in Angers is one of those historical masterpieces which takes your breath away and then transports you into another world. At the Chateau d’Angers, a controlled climate in the display hall results in fortuitous stage management once you pass through the sets of doors: involuntarily you go “Aah!”. The only other place where […]

Alphonse Mucha tapestries - Art Nouveau tapestry wall-hangings

Alphonse Mucha tapestries

Alphonse Mucha tapestries, together with a selection of Gustav Klimt designs, form the extremely popular Art Nouveau collection. Over 15 years ago one of our supplying European weavers bought up another tapestry weaver and promptly dropped the Four Seasons tapestries by Mucha. We expressed disappointment and were told that there was no demand for them. […]

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries - creation, history, imagery

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries exhibit in the Cluny Museum is one of two places I know in Paris which bring a sense of awe to all its visitors. The other is Sainte Chapelle, the 13th century Gothic chapel with its soaring stained glass windows. Both inspire silent admiration. Why are these are the […]

Monet and Modigliani - contrasts in life and art - tapestry reproductions

Monet and Modigliani – contrasts in life and art

One of our French tapestry weavers has just released the first ever tapestries of a Modigliani painting. Noting that Modigliani and Monet died within a few years of each other it seemed interesting to explore the similarities and differences between these two contemporaneous artists. Both were strongly influenced by the Parisian art world and both […]

Tapestry weaving in England - from James I to Morris & Co

Tapestry weaving in England

Tapestry weaving in England Tapestry weaving in England sounds initially odd since England is hardly synonymous with tapestry weaving … unless you consider William Morris. However, there is more to the story than meets the eye. During the medieval period, royalty and aristocracy valued tapestries so much that they would take them with them during […]

The Bayeux Tapestry - early medieval art reproductions

The Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry must be considered to be one of the most significant pieces of early medieval art. My wife and I were in Normandy several years ago and it seems strange on reflection that we decided not to view this masterpiece. We had visited many chateaux and museums so we probably felt “over-full” of […]

Simon Bull art tapestries - Belgian tapestry wallhangings

Simon Bull art tapestries

Belgian tapestry wallhangings Simon Bull art tapestries now form a valued part of our website collection of floral tapestries. We were hesitant at first about introducing these contemporary floral designs until we received our first order for one, saw it and immediately appreciated it: Because of You tapestry (above) is typical of his artwork, with […]

The most popular tapestries - selecting a tapestry wall-hanging

The most popular tapestries

What are the most popular tapestries? Would a list help to guide you about which will most suit your home setting? Should this be an objective list chosen from our QuickBooks reports or a subjective list decided by degrees of customer liking? Our tapestry website does have a category of best selling tapestries so this […]

Why use Pinterest? - Pinterest for business and pleasure

Why use Pinterest?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more compete for our time and interests. Do we need another social media site? Why use Pinterest? Many people clearly think so, judging by the rapid growth of Pinterest. I had never been able to raise a spark of excitement for social media until now but I do rather […]

A wall-hanging tapestries video - tapestry art available today

A wall-hanging tapestries video

A favourite video?  Maybe not, but it’s our own tapestries video! We enjoyed compiling it so hope you enjoy viewing it too. In just over two minutes we have presented a good selection showing the many styles of tapestry art, old and new. There’s something for everyone: medieval and Arts & Crafts, landscapes and elegant […]

Verdure tapestries - woodland and forest wall tapestry

Verdure tapestries

Verdure tapestries have a timeless appeal with their peaceful natural settings.  The term “verdure” is derived from the French “vert”, translated as “green”, reflecting the lush greenery common to them. Forests and woodlands, sometimes with winding streams and lush green vegetation, set the scene. They were first woven in the 16th century, hence after the […]

Impressionist tapestries - Monet, Renoir, Degas tapestry art

Impressionist tapestries

Impressionist tapestries We have some new Impressionist tapestries by Monet, Renoir and Gauguin. That is, new tapestries of old paintings by these Impressionist masters. Weavers in France and Belgium have released several Impressionist tapestries recently, seemingly a trend; one we approve of thoroughly. These two, for example: Camille and a Child in the Garden is […]

Bob Pejman art tapestries - memories or dreams - Belgian tapestry

Bob Pejman art tapestries – memories or dreams

Our Bob Pejman art tapestries collection comprises many romantic landscapes tapestry designs: idyllic old-world scenes in settings like Lake Como, Venice, Capri, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. We are pleased to feature these in the Landscapes section of our Contemporary tapestries. These are favourite places in the world for many of us, or are planned […]

Wonderful new floral tapestries - Simon Bull tapestry art designs

Wonderful new floral tapestries

We have just added a series of wonderful new floral tapestries to our website collection. All are from the vibrant palette of British artist Simon Bull, inspired by his years in China and in the South American rainforest. Above is Morning Song and Desiree. Below is Lydia: The richness of his watercolours is accentuated by […]

William Morris tapestries - Woodpecker and Tree of Life tapestry

William Morris tapestries

William Morris tapestries are probably our favourite designs so it seems strange not to have written about them before. William Morris was remarkably diverse in his talents, greatly aiding the effective growth of the Arts and Crafts Movement and providing a rich inheritance for us today. Soon after the centenary of his death (1896) I […]

Tapestry finishing

Tapestry finishing refers to the important task of making a woven tapestry into a wall-hanging. Our European weavers produce tapestries on their tapestry looms, these being the all-important design on the front which you admire. However, at this stage they have no backing: they are simply a raw piece of fabric with rough edges (the […]

How to hang a tapestry wall-hanging - care of wall tapestries

How to hang a tapestry wall-hanging

We occasionally receive questions about how to hang a tapestry wall-hanging so we enclose information about the care and hanging of tapestries with every order. You can see these practical tapestry care suggestions on our website. Here are our thoughts about how to hang a tapestry wall-hanging: There may be transit creases on your tapestry […]