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Month of October tapestry

SKU: CE172


The Month of October tapestry is woven in two sizes: 56″x38″ and 78″x55″.  See a detailed tapestry description below.

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Month of October tapestry

16th century Lucas tapestries

The Month of October tapestry is from a series known as the Lucas Months. This scene shows the vendange (the grapes harvest) along with a lady and gentleman sampling some wine, evoking the spirit of harvest and celebration. In the middle ground, a pair of lovers meet under a simple trellised arbor adorned with ripe fruit.  The design combines a Renaissance sensibility in subject matter, compositional style, and clothing fashions. The tapestry features a lush Rococo border, a colorful palette and virtuosi weaving techniques typical of the 1730’s.

The original 15th century Lucas Months tapestries were probably named after Lucas von Leyden and were woven in Brussels in 1535. Later, in 1688, they were copied by the royal Gobelins factory in Paris. The original now hangs in the Castle of Pau in the Pyrenees.

This tapestry is now woven in France in 97% cotton and is available in two sizes. It is fully lined and has a rod pocket. We enclose information about how to hang a tapestry with your order.

Additional information

Weight1 g
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm