The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries

Medieval tapestry wall-hangings

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries are a truly awesome series of medieval tapestries; a high point of earlierFrench art. If you doubt this, visit the wonderful Cluny Museum in Paris, the Musée National de Moyen Âge (see a link to a video here). You’ll enter the circular room devoted to these six tapestries where you’ll be greeted by a magnificent spectacle. Then you realise that everyone is absorbing them in hushed reverence.

The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries - medieval tapestry wallhangings

These awe-inspiring medieval tapestry wall-hangings were woven in Flanders in about 1511 with each tapestry celebrating one of the senses except for the final enigmatic ‘A Mon Seul Desir’. All were woven in wool and silk, showing a richly dressed lady flanked by a lion on her right and a unicorn on her left both bearing a banner, with a mille fleurs (thousand flowers) background containing animals and birds. They allegorically illustrate taste, hearing, touch, smell and sight. We have a comprehensive selection at Tapestry Art Designs of each tapestry; some full designs, others partial.

Sometimes called the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, these 12’ high masterpieces were lost until the novelist Georges Sands found them in 1844 at Boussac suffering damage dampness and rats. The Cluny Museum purchased the tapestries in 1863, later restoring them.

Here’s a good introduction to the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries by Rick Steves (begin at 4:29):

Ordering the Lady with the Unicorn tapestries

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